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Don't just take our word for it, hear from some of our satisfied customers.

"We hired Tim Sweeney to dress up the curb appeal of our office. I had sketched out a very rough idea about what I was looking for and handed it to him. Within a very short time Tim had drawn up and delivered exactly what I was envisioning. He did the work in the early fall and I walked out there in the spring to find Tim inspecting and looking to replace any winter kill. Had I not chanced upon him I would not have been aware that he was 'nurturing' his work. Tim isn't about fanfare; just hard-work and excellence. By the way he handles the expense of the project as if he were paying for the plants himself! I am a repeat customer."
– Dr. Claude Page
"We are happy to recommend our landscaper Tim Sweeney of Riverbed Landscaping. We are very pleased with his service. Tim and his staff are very professional and dependable. Tim is honest and takes pride in his work. He estimates the fairly and stay within your budget. We've been his customer for years, and his quality of work is excellent."
– Dr. Mark Shuren
"We really appreciate Tim's willingness to "go the extra mile" in ensuring that his work is the best that it can be. We are thrilled with the results and great price."
– Pastor Gerrie Armaly
CORE AERATION: Compacted soil or thick thatch can inhibit the penetration of the water and nutrients into the soil. The process of aeration (mechanical removal of small cores of soil) opens up the soil and allows the lawn to breathe and grow while vital organic ingredients reach the root level.
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