Work Places and Home Spaces
With a background rooted in farming and agriculture, it's natural to see why owner and operator Tim Sweeney chose to embark on an urban landscaping venture.

From the field to your flower bed, Tim brings an innate understanding of horticulture and land management to each exterior design. By following essential principles of organic growing and conservation practised in the pasture, Tim can create sustainable, low maintenance designs to suit your commercial walkway or backyard oasis.

Tim and his staff have been serving Windsor area homeowners and businesses for many years. Let the experts at Riverbed Landscaping bring your landscape to life.

FERTILIZATION: Compost is nature's best fertilizer. It may take longer to see the results but your lawn and garden roots will grow deeper and stronger than with chemical feedings. What you take out, you put back in, so use eggshells, teabags, bananas, etc. in your compost pile.
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